A community journeying towards wholeness; mind, body, spirit and one with nature.


The EARTH BIRD wholeness collective was created to bring together women + nature. To learn the rhythms and cycles of Mother Nature, attune to her guidance, so that we can deepen our connection with the Earth, the sky and everything in-between. A space to come together as a community which cultivates a better understanding of nature, ourselves and our impact on the world.

A place to walk a well-being path that is calling your name; the NEST and/or the FOREST. These paths will support you and guide you. So you may attune, with cultivated awareness, to the rhythms of nature. Learning her rhythms and cycles and elemental expressions; we form a deep bond and understanding of the calls of Mother Earth. To come back into harmony, by practicing daily rituals for our wellbeing. And ultimately, for the wellbeing of our Earth. To become empowered into wholeness; mind, body + spirit and one with nature.

This collective is a community of women, who feel an attunement with nature and a desire to hear our inner-nature's calling. Even if you do don't journey from the MEADOW into the NEST, or the will be supported and encouraged to find connections with nature and with the women of this community. Please feel free to share and extend an invite to anyone in your circle who could benefit from this collective. I look forward to growing with you. 

the NEST

the NEST is a well-being path, offered seasonally. It is a 12-month journey, where you’ll be supported and guided to learn + practice self-care rituals that help you align with the energetics of the season. You’ll also be invited to cultivate a deeper connection to nature which has infinite benefits for you and also for the Earth.

Land in the NEST...where you will be held, supported and cared for; as you learn self-care at the pace of nature, not at the pace that modern-life demands.

Learn and live your way to wholeness. Awakening your instinct + intuition. Hear the calls from within and begin to honor the needs of your mind, body + spirit. 

Live each day aligned to the rhythms of nature, practicing self-care with wellbeing rituals rooted in ancient wisdom. Learn to nurture the nature within. 

Women are the caretakers, the healers, the householders, the teachers, the mothers, the sisters and the guardians. How are we serving others if we aren't showing up and serving ourselves for our highest good?

Registration opens just before the beginning of each new season. Have questions or are curious to learn more about this well-being path? email me at 


more details coming very soon! the FOREST is a well-being path for those who want to experience and cultivate a consistent Forest Bathing practice. 


A group Ayurvedic cleanse + seasonal reset...coming soon!